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    What Are Beginner’s Progressives?

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    Beginner’s progressives are great for first-time wearers!

    Have you been thinking about trying out progressives for the first time? If so, consider our Easy Adapt Beginner’s Progressives!

    What They Are

    Beginner’s or Easy Adapt Progressives are made with a wide near view along with a generous distance corridor. This allows new wearers an easier adjustment into the design of progressives, which is much different than single vision glasses or lined bifocals.

    These lenses will gradually ease your eyes into the design of progressives.

    What They Do

    Beginner’s progressives are comprised with a wider corridor than the regular progressives. In order to achieve this, the strength of the prescription is slightly pulled back, allowing new wearers an easier time to ease into the design of the progressives. This is one of the main reasons why it is only recommended for first-time wearers, as the strength will feel too light for regular wearers.

    Beginner’s progressives have a wider corridor and lighter strength than regular progressives, making the lenses easier to adapt to for new wearers!

    How They’ll Help You

    Beginner’s progressives are specifically developed to provide a smooth transition between distance and near vision. These lenses have an extra-soft design that are ideal for a quick and easy adaptation, high precision, and minimal lateral distortion. It also relieves you from the hassle of switching between distance glasses and reading glasses. Treat yourself to a new and comfortable point of view with this premium style!

    It doesn’t get easier than Easy Adapt Progressives!


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